//A Marvel(MCU) roleplay blog for the very background character "Galaga Guy".. If you want to RP: Just ask. I don't bite I promise. **OC friendly **M!A accepted I have also occasionally RPed other characters. This doesn't happen very much and usually requires us to talk before that happens. Other characters I've(or am) managed to play: Peter Pan(Peter Pan(2003)) Addley Koffin(Mother's Day(2010)) Wes Mitchell(Common Law) Travis Marks(Common Law)

_____________________________________ Decided to get one off these to keep up with the going ons of Stark Industries. The name is Eric Mitchells, but people seemed attached to either Galaga or Galaga Guy. Feel free to ask me anything. ** Quick Bio: After being called out by Tony for playing a game on the Helicarrier bridge, Galaga guy was fired. After several weeks and pestering, he ended up working at S.I. as Pepper's P.A. ** My tags(ARE ALL TRACKED IN CASE SOMEONE WANTS TO TAG ME) avengegalagaguy askgalagaguy(asks) avengemyqueue> back to just 'queue' for now submithighscore(submissions) player2mun (OOC posts) ggoriginal (original posts) **Other tracked tags Galaga Guy Marvel Avengers Common Law ect. *Past and RP partner used Tags Galaga Guy Eric Mitchells *** To view my threads search "threads" on my blog


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